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Racetrack Wish List

If there are racetracks that you would like to use in RaceDirector, please post your "wish" here. The higher the number of each racetrack, the higher the chance that it will be provided by a modder.

We race at a dirt oval called I70-I77 speedway or on the mychron 5 it is listed as Center Tn OH.  This app would be great to show my 7 year old how he is doing.

I have got a request from OJ (RD Admin).  I have now two tracks on my list:

1) G&J Kartway (Ohio) - It is almost flat with many junctions

2) I70-I77 Speedway - That's a completly new challenge. The layout of the track is easy 🙂 But two points seems to be tricky:

  • Ground material (half dirt, halt tarmac)
  • Camber of the track - do you know the camber angle? Do we talk about 5° or 10° or ...?

The dirt at I70-I77 is a red clay. As far as banking there Im not sure cause it is banked even in the straights.  Would guess 5% straights and 7%-10% in turns.

O.k. I will take these numbers: 5° degree camber angle for the straights and 10° degree camber angle for the turns. Red clay is no problem, even with dust and tiremarks. The track will be next week ready to go! 🙂

Ok thanks for working on it.  I just talked to the track owner 15-20 degree straights and 25 degree corners.

G&J Kartway and I70 I77 Speedway are ready and in RaceDirector available! Many thx to Schabumti. Well done!

Road America Kart is ready to go! It was a little bit tricky because of the heights.

How about GingerMan Raceway in South haven Michigan.  Thanks

Wow, that's a high speed racetrack!

Let's see what I can do 😉