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Racetrack Design

In the first step, a Low Poly model has to be drawn from the racetrack. You can use Bob Track Builder or Race Track Builder.  The track itself and all terrains must be minimized or drawn by the polygons. All objects and tree walls must also be Low Poly. High Poly models are a NoGo. We can provide an FBX model as an example/demo.

 After that, the racetrack has to be imported into Unity and prepared for the app. There the following markers are set in the Unity scene:

 • Marker for the lap time, Box in, Box out

• Pylons for the drone

• Anti Cheat Marker for "Racing Experience"

• TV Cam Positions

• Starting Position Kart / XBow and drone


In Unity all shaders and textures are set for the different platforms (Win, Mac, iOS, Android and WebGL). Not to mention the lighting configuration and occlusion culling. Then an asset bundle is created and stored on the server. If the racetrack is o.k., there are still a few entries left in the database (for example: LAT / LON center of the racetrack) – that will be done by the RD Admin.


So far, a rough summary.