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Demo Virtual Race in RaceDirector

The basic idea:

You record GPS data from your runs and import this data into RaceDirector. Then you can compete against your real drive with a self-controlled vehicle.

How does this work?

We have made a video by selecting 13 laps from Levier (driver is anonymous) - these are very fast laps. Then simply switch to the self-controlled vehicle and there you go!


PS: To learn the mobile control (iOS and Android) you need about 20 minutes.

RaceDirector is the first app  where you can be a part of a race and where you can compete against real racers. These are not AI racers, these are real racers! This video shows how RaceDirector makes it possible to ride in a race. It's a real race where GPS data has been recorded with QStarz loggers.


And that is what it looks like -> Video


@ Video chronology - If you want to try it yourself

The first part of the video shows how to select the different racers. In the second part you will see a whole race starting with a warm-up lap, after that the race starts with a flying start and ends with the paddock lap.


@ Graphics

Keep in mind, it's a mobile app that works also well on older smartphones and tablets.