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My Files Information

The one thing I have noticed is the current amount of information you can put into sorting data.

Track Day Date
Race Track
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Brand
Track Day Weather Conditions
Data Logger
File Name

I know personally that I have 50-60 data files to upload and some additional data information might be very useful when sorting.

I suggest adding a few things for data information, the two major ones that I thought about would be Vehicle Class and Track Configuration. I know on our local track (G&J Kartway) we have 9 configurations and like 10 classes. There are other tracks that have even more so I think it would be useful to add this information so when others see your public data they can get more information about it.

-Ron Swift

You are completly right. Filtering the different parameters could be improved. But I think there is a working solution. First, you will find all the G&J Kartway layouts in the RaceDirector track list. Once you have selected the right track, you can upload the GPS data to the appropriate track.

Concerning the different classes, you can use the field "Vehicle Brand". It's a text field where you can also enter the classes. After that you can filter the classes.


  • G&J Kartway 2C -> can be selected in the RaceDirector track list
  • Upload the GPS data for 2C and define the classes in the field "Vehicle Brand" - e.g. "Rotax / Junior" or "CRG / Senior" ...
  • In the app you can now filter the classes typing "Junior" or "Senior" etc...

Hope that helps even if it's a workaround?


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I have also noticed an issue with uploading information. I can upload Race information fine but I was unable to upload lap information under "Free Ride". It gave me no errors it seems to work fine but does not show up under "My Files".  I have not tried "Qualification" information yet maybe I will give it a shot tomorrow.