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Intro and overview

After five months of work, we finally have a working extension in RaceDirector. With RaceDirector World every point on earth and therefore every recorded ride can be displayed in RaceDirector. In addition, you can also display planned routes - for example, you can view the marathon route in New York, Chicago or Vienna. All new functions are available from version 5 - provided your device meets the minimum requirements (details can be found in the Google Play Store).

Recorded rides or planned routes - it doesn't matter if it's a recorded ride on the road or on a race track.

At "World" all rides are shown, which were not on a racetrack.

In this example the route of the Chicago Marathon is shown:

We added a few more little things. For example, you can see animated traffic on the main roads (highways). Optionally you can activate trees in the landscape.

With "Explore the World" you have a small flight simulator and can explore every point of the earth.