Relive your Track Day from a new Perspective

RaceDirector, the Digital Twin in Motorsport

RaceDirector Features

Highlights at a glance


Analyse your rides. View different racing lines, select sectors to identifie where you can gain time.

Unlimited Perspectives

Drive along or fly around. Decide yourself from which perspective you want to see your track day.

Virtual Races

Setup virtual races. Select up to 10 different drivers and build your own virtual races.


Compare and match your rides with up to 10 different drivers. Let`s see if you can keep up with them.


Prepare and optimize your next track day. Drive on the racetrack or fly around with a drone/heli.


It`s just a gimmick. Start an Air Race on your favorite racetrack.

Anytime and Anywhere

How it works

  • You drive

    You drive with your vehicle (kart, car or motorcycle) on a racetrack and record your position data with your data logger or action cam.

  • You export your position data

    You export the data (CSV, GPX or NMEA) with your data logger software.

  • RaceDirector Upload

    You upload your recorded position data (such as GPS) via the RaceDirector upload page.

  • RaceDirector App

    You can view, compare and share your track day in the RaceDirector App.

Requirements of your data logger

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RaceDirector is available in WebGL - The RaceDirector App
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